The People's Republic of Sound

Welcome.  I'm Thomas Piper Jr of The People's Republic of Sound. I'm a Digital Creator & vocalist, and here is where I showcase my work. I've worked with The Last Poets, Public Enemy, MTV, Propellerheads, Amel Larrieux and others. This is my home, come in and stay for a while...

Thomas Piper

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In Plain Sight - Live performances & Beat maker Showcase 8-11pm ***Party & DJ sets 11-3am***

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Thomas Piper is Featured on Ableton

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Many Thanks To The Team Of Children And Parents and  Crew: Lloyd Porter, Terry Power, Ali Muhammad, Yas Rowan, Goslet Piper, Zion Piper, Tamia Santana of Jete Dance Center, Kay & Kim Of Sesame Street.  Thomas Piper Directed, Co-Produced, Edited, Graphics And Color Corrected, Written And Sung By Thomas Piper  

I Got Love - I Got Love - Single