The People's Republic of Sound

Welcome.  I'm Thomas Piper Jr of The People's Republic of Sound. I'm a Digital Creator & vocalist, and here is where I showcase my work. I've worked with The Last Poets, Public Enemy, MTV, Propellerheads, Amel Larrieux and others. This is my home, come in and stay for a while...

Our Tekserve event RECAP

On April 23 we had a great well attended event at Tekserve. At this event I demo my Trap Pacc for Abelton Live I have some video so you can see how it went down. If you want to get that trap Pacc just download at the site

Album Update


This is Terry from The Peoples Republic of Sound. A lot has been going on since our last show.  We have been diligently working  to bring you an exceptional album from Thomas Piper, Jr. Here are some photos from our studio session with several talented artists featured on his album; as well as gifted producers and engineers, carefully mixing the album at Sweetsounds studios, in order to make these records fantastic. We are still making revisions.   When the album is finally released we look forward to your support.


Great Night at Tekserve

Last Thursday night I played songs from my new album and also some unreleased tracks at the Ableton Tekserve meetup. It was a great vibe. I would like to thank for inviting me. Check some cool photos by Dragon eye seven of Sonic Eclectic


Richard Mosse

Artist and photographer Richard Mosse reveals the stories behind the making of his latest film, 'The Enclave' (2013), in the Democratic Republic of Congo, which will be shown in the Irish Pavilion at this year’s 55th Venice Biennale. This is Brilliant work you must see


Got a New Canon5d and Why?

I decided to get a 5d for my company The People's Republic of Sound, why? Well there is a new Magic Lantern hack that allows the 5d do shoot raw Video and it looks amazing. Below are some videos that demos the quality. I think it is revolutionary. Oh by the way the first video was shot at Breadlove My friend's Great Bakery/Cafe/Food Place !

Now to use this hack you will need a Fast CF card LINK Here Also if you dont have a Fast Hard Drive you will need that as well LINK here. Enjoy